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Things to consider while buying a multifunctional printer

A multifunctional printer has now become a need for most of the businesses as it helps them to perform different tasks from only one device like Photocopier, fax machine, scanner, and printer as well. Now people don’t a want a printer which only does the simple job of printing only. With the evolution of the technology, the demands have also evolved.
The multifunctional printer helps the user to save time, money, space, energy and cost as well. Therefore, with so many features and benefits fit into one device, no one will wish to go with the traditional printer.
But choosing a good multifunctional printer is also very much necessary as it will allow the user to capitalize on its benefits.

1. Know what you need

First of all, you need to make it clear what you need from the printer. Besides normal printing, how you want your printer to manage documents and forms? How many copies do you need per day? Do you need your printer to be color capable? After answering all such questions clearly, you will be done with the first step to buying a multifunctional printer.

2. Scanning feature

In spite of only some businesses are dependent upon their multifunctional printer for scanning, there are many organizations that totally rely upon such device for a heavy amount of document scanning. Hence, you should keep some considerations in minds regarding the scanning feature of the printer. If you want to be dependent upon your printer for scanning purposes, then it is a matter of prime importance to choose a printer which offers high-resolution printing with an automatic document feeder.

3. Print resolution

Print quality is an important factor to consider while choosing a multifunctional printer. The printing resolution of a printer is measured in DPI. Higher DPI will mean that you will get better printing resolution. The normal budget printers offer 600 X 600 DPI black resolution, while others offer 1,200 X 1,200 DPI. While if you want to go with the higher models, you can get a 4,800 X 1,200 DPI.

4. Wireless compatibility

Other than a wired Ethernet connection, if you want to have a network printer then you should look for the wireless compatibility of the printer as well. Make sure that your new printer is compatible with existing wireless network. Besides, it should also support multiple devices so that you can print with ease.

5. Duplex printing

It is one of the most important features of a printer which is mostly ignored by most of the buyers. If your organization needs a printer which can print using both sides of a sheet of paper then you must go with a duplex printing. You might consider it as an add-on with so many functions but for some users, this function becomes a necessity.

6. User friendly

In spite of the fact that printers are not a rocket science still, you should go with an easy to use printer. The functionality of the printer should be easy to understand. Make sure that it is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance as well.
If you will follow the above-mentioned points in the article then you will end up with the right choice of printer for sure.

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