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The different ways of promoting your Instagram profile

With the growing popularity and penetration of the social media sites, more and more businesses and people are looking for different ways to promote their profile and mark their presence in the virtual world. Instagram, the no.1 image sharing website is also no exception to it. With over 500 million users and 40 million photos, this photo sharing social media sites is popular all over the world. So, let’s take a look at how to promote your Instagram Profile.

#1 : Choose a simple and searchable username

Choosing a simple and searchable username is one of the most basic rules of Instagram if you want to promote it in a better way. The majority of your customers will know that you could be found with a quick search and if they will not be able to do so, then it will turn out to be a bit frustrating for them. Don’t choose usernames which are complicated or which are not related to your brand.

#2:  Utilize the Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags can be considered as a great source of discovery on Instagram. Whether you are looking to increase your visibility or want to find something, Instagram Hashtags always come in handy. It will be a good practice to search for the hashtags related to your industry. The searched hashtags don’t need to be directly connected to your brand but in one way or another, it should be related to your brand.

#3: Make your presence on Instagram Exclusive

Posting exclusive content on Instagram is a great tool for promotion. If you have customers who already follow you on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, then why should they follow you on Instagram? You should give them a strong reason to follow you on Instagram and that can be done by posting Instagram Exclusive content.

#4: Engage with others on Instagram

If you are not engaging with others on Instagram then you are not carrying out your social media promotion strategy well. You should be highly active on Instagram and that could be done by liking and commenting on other’s post. In addition to this, you should also respond to the comments on your profile. Search for people related to your industry and then follow them. You can also search for brands related to your industry and then follow them.

#5: Don’t be rude and follow others

Unless you are a giant brand with worldwide popularity, no one will wish to follow you. One of the most popular hashtags of Instagram is Followforfollow in which people follow a person who follows them. So, if you are following only 10-15 people or brand on your profile and wishing to get millions of followers then that won’t happen. Start following others to get more followers on your profile.
If you use the right tactics and strategies then you can get followers on Instagram very easily. So use the above-mentioned tips and make your presence on Instagram, stronger.

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