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Samsung will Soon Unveil its Flagship Model, the Galaxy X

How about the Samsung Edge display- isn’t it cool? How about getting something more beautiful and exquisite? Samsung has been working on a phone design that would probably more enticing and more exciting than any iPhone. The company has been working on foldable displays over a long time now, and the giant company might finally be ready to introduce its first flexible smartphone in the coming years. At the time, an executive from the company reported that they were planning to release the phone this year, but numerous reports have stated that the phone’s debut has been delayed a year later. This is a pretty good thing as the company has always been known to launch their product in a rush, so it’s uncharacteristic for Samsung to step back and make sure everything is alright before releasing their flagship model, the Galaxy X.

According to the company report, the phone comes with a 3.5 inch screen on the outside and the equivalent of two 3.5 inch display on the inside. When its folds are opened, the total screen area will be more than 6 inch range. It is the smartest thing ever and the Galaxy X could be truly impressive if the company engineered the design with a folding OLED panel. As of now, Samsung is in its early stages of working on a radical new Smartphone design that is completely a new thing and we have never seen before. Samsung picked all the advanced technologies and combined them, so they are handy and could fit easily in your pocket. It’s going to rule with its exciting features and this new smartphone design will be the heartthrob the world has ever experienced.

Years of Experiments

The idea of introducing a foldable phone dates back a long time, in fact, 5 to 7 years before when the company has showed off a prototype of exactly that. Although it looks weird, even after repeated folds, everything remains intact with only 6% brightness drop at the center, where all other folding activities happened. This wasn’t a commercial product, but later on, Samsung launched a video of fully foldable mobile device, displaying Samsung’s reach out for the technology.

Everywhere we are getting the news that Samsung would have the prototype ready by this year and a small production of foldable handsets would be available in the last part of the year. But technical issues may delay the production and we wouldn’t see mass production before 2019. So, it looks quite positive and optimistic.


While Samsung is the first ever manufacturer to launch a phone with a foldable screen, the price of the phone won’t come at a cheap price. The experts reported that the phone could cost exponentially high, as much as $1,900- which makes it even more expensive than iPhone X.

Samsung is all set to launch its flagship model Galaxy X in the coming year. The foldable model is the first ever initiative from Samsung that comes with all advanced features and expensive price range.

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